“I have been working with PWB America on numerous projects for over 5 years and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs PCB design and prototype solutions. They have great experience and provide professional advice, which is key for all my successful projects. In addition, they are willing to take challenges on any fast turnkey projects and they accomplish them in a timely manner. Therefore, they are my first choice in my PCB layout, fabrication and assembly services.”

Hardware Engineer, Security & Investigations

“PWB America provides the same high level of customer service, professionalism, and attention to detail on each project, from a simple PCB layout change to full turnkey production. I have worked with over a dozen PCB design bureaus and found PWB America to be the best, by far. They are flexible and prompt, often times they are ahead of schedule. Their project management is excellent and a pleasure to work with.”

Engineer V, Aviation & Aerospace

“Among all other design support companies, PWB America has been providing our company with the best service for board layout and turnkey deliveries. PWB America’s PCB design skills are the world’s best in class. With PWB America’s diligent support, I have an industry record of transmitting high speed video data over long cable without distortion. This was due to the excellent board layout skill with impedance matching on the differential pairs of the transmission path. Additionally, on our 12 layer board project with 1513pin FPGA and DDR memory, the first board designed and assembled by PWB America worked without flaw. Moreover, their ability to provide necessary documentations is superior to satisfy a variety of organizations such as FDA and ISO. The key to success in your work is to have the best partner like PWB America.”

Electrical Engineer / Engineering Manager, Imaging Devices

“The services included designs of boards to measure uV and pA signals in the presence of high ambient electrical noise, switching power supplies to be in com-pliance with safety and EMI noise standards, relay boards to handle 10A and 250VAC and multilayer digital boards that operate at 300MHz. All designs were executed in an expeditious manner at a reasonable cost. The relationship between the two companies has been harmonious and productive. As a result, I am happy to give PWB America an unqualified recommendation for their services. They are an “A” supplier.”

President, Industrial Equipment

“I have been working with PWB America on various projects since 2005. PWB America can take on PCB designs, layouts, and prototyping of any system complexity with dedication, competency and professionalism. PWB America designers are always giving good technical advice and suggestions to our engineers on our projects. On one of the projects, which involved a new PCB design with EMI and grounding issues, their designers helped resolve the problem by processing it through EMI simulation prior to finalizing the layout. I would therefore, not hesitate to use their PCB design services for all my future projects.”

Director of R&D Engineering, Medical Device

“We had a great experience with PWB America. They offer professional design and manufacturing services and have excellent staff that understand the technology. Their pricing is flexible according to needs. Best of all, their products are highly reliable. We have been using them for the past 5 years and I definitely will stick with them for my PCB needs. Keep up the good work, guys!”

System Engineer, Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing