PWB America supports customers globally in the area of PCB solutions. We provide sustaining PCB engineering support through the product cycle time in wide variety of industries with over 10 years of PCB professional expertise.

Orange County consumer electronics PCB Design and assembly

Consumer Electronics

  • Computer – Motherboards/Logic boards
  • Memory – SSD, RAM, Flash
  • Mobile electronics – Cellphone, Personal Electronic Devices
  • Audio / Video Components
  • Controllers
  • High Voltage/Current Power Supply
  • LEDs Product

Orange County PCB Design for Medical Devices

Medical Devices

  • Hearing Aid
  • Controllers
  • Imaging machines

Orange County pcb tester board

Tester Board

  • Microchip testers
  • Prototype testing boards

orange county industrial PCB solutions

Industrial & Other Applications

  • Aero Space – Logic boards, Controller boards
  • Safelights – Consumer and commercial lighting systems
  • Telecom/Networking – Servers
  • Defense
  • Geographical Mapping Tool – Controller boards for various applications
  • X-Ray Scanner – Security scanners for people and vehicles.